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When is the best time to fly to Copenhagen?

Peak season:

Find out if this really is the happiest city in the world by booking cheap flights to Copenhagen. The Danish capital is a staple on the UK short-break trail with more than enough attractions to fill a weekend. Most people start with the Carlsberg Visitors Centre founded by Carl Jacobsen, son of the famous brewer and known for his cultural contributions to the city. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is one of Denmark’s finest museums and he also commissioned the iconic Little Mermaid statue on the waterfront. Another much visited attraction, beloved by children and those young at heart, is the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark. The peak time to take flights to Copenhagen is May through August. Christmas is also busy and full of festive fun with illuminations, market and gift stalls. If you plan to travel to Copenhagen during Christmas and New Year’s then expect flight tickets and accommodation to be more expensive.

Off season:

Winter, with the exception of the Christmas/New Year’s period, is the off season and when you can pick up some cheap flights to Copenhagen. January and February are the coldest months with daytime temperatures typically hovering around freezing. For some this is the best time to explore the city for its lack of tourists and uncrowded museums, galleries and restaurants.

best loved attractions.

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Flights to Copenhagen

Why visit Copenhagen?

Because it’s one of the world’s most stylish, relaxed and progressive cities, with an enviable bike culture, an innovative food scene and superb shopping.

Local hotspot

Torvehallerne, a covered food market in a central square with a slick design, Danish and global delicacies, great coffee and a pleasing hum of conversation.

You probably didn’t know

Old-school pub-style bars in Copenhagen are known as bodegas and are popular, smoky late-night dens. In contrast, Danes prize fresh air to such an extent that it’s common for babies to be left outside cafés in their prams while their parents take a caffeine break.

Eat and drink on board

You can buy a variety of snacks, sandwiches, other light meals and beverages during your flight. Make sure you check our in-flight menu when you get on board.

Central airport

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup is centrally located, with quick and easy transport connections to the city centre and beyond. Less hassle, more time to enjoy yourself.

best loved attractions.

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Cheap Flights to Copenhagen (CPH)

Don a durable pair of shoes before leaving the hotel, because Copenhagen is a walking and cycling tourist’s heaven. From the city centre at Christiansborg Slot, each of the city’s attractions is easily reached. At the Church of Our Saviour, climb the spiralling stairs to the top of its spire. Next, explore the vivid houses built along the canals by the autonomous community of Christiania. Do admire the sculpture collection in the expansive King’s Garden at Rosenborg Castle before heading off to take in a few of the many museums in Copenhagen. Pay a visit to the National Gallery, known as Statens Museum for Kunst, the national art museum offering a broad selection of Danish art and history. To the north on the coastal cliff and regally overlooking the Øresund, highly recommended is the Ordrupgaard for its collection of Monet, Degas and Renoir among others. Or get tickets for a performance of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra at the brand new Copenhagen Concert Hall which offers ample seating.
For opera, ballet and theatre, the stately Royal Danish Theatre is remarkable for its age and the Bournonville style of its ballet. And a July city-break is a delight with the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival, showcasing all the rhythmic prowess of the city’s vibrant jazz. When it comes to meals, you are sure to enjoy a selection of cuisine that is outstanding, if not exactly cheap with 13 restaurants awarded the prestigious Michelin Star. Start the day at one of the many bakeries in Copenhagen for a Danish pastry and, for a satisfying lunch enjoy an open-faced sandwich, called mørrebrød, along with one of Copenhagen’s many microbrewery beers. And of course, any visit should require a visit to the Little Mermaid statue, located in the harbor.
best loved attractions.

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About Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the financial back-bone of Denmark, most densely populated, and home to 763,908 people. The city is also an important financial site in Northern Europe, housing the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The city’s cobblestoned streets, exquisite architecture, sandy beaches and pleasant weather have helped thrust Copenhagen forward in mind when it comes to holiday destinations.

Cheap flights to Copenhagen are now available for a limited period of time, so get ready to be enchanted by this magnificent city. Copenhagen is home to the Copenhagen International Airport (CPH), which is approximately a 25-minute drive from the city center. Copenhagen International Airport serves a multitude of airlines – including Swiss Airways, and Lufthansa Airways. Popular international flights to Copenhagen depart from Cape Town and Johannesburg. Flight duration from Johannesburg is approximately 13 hours and 40 minutes.

Copenhagen (kō´pənhā´gən, –hä´gən), Dan. København (kö´bənhoun´), city (1992 pop. 464,566; metropolitan area 1,339,395), capital of Denmark and of Copenhagen co., E Denmark, on E Sjælland and N Amager islands and on the Øresund. It is a major commercial, fishing, and naval port and is Denmark’s chief commercial, industrial, and cultural center. It is also a rail hub. The Store Bælt Bridge, between Sjælland and Fyn islands, links the city to Denmark’s mainland; the Øresund Fixed Link (2000) connects the city with Malmö, Sweden. Manufactures include ships, machinery, pharmaceuticals, processed food, beer, textiles, plastics, marine engines, furniture, and the celebrated Copenhagen ware.
Copenhagen is the seat of a university (1479), a technical university (1829), an engineering college (1957), a music academy (1867), an economics and business administration school (1917), and a college of veterinary science and agriculture (1856). Frederiksberg and Gentofte are Copenhagen’s largest suburbs and, although independent, are intimately tied to the city. Frederiksberg is the seat of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain factory (1651), a palace, and a zoological garden.
Points of Interest
The inner harbor of Copenhagen is the channel that divides Sjælland and Amager islands. From the harbor extends a narrow arm, the Nyhavn [new harbor], lined with picturesque old houses and closed off by Kongens Nytorv, an irregular square from which the arteries of the city radiate. The Charlottenborg Palace (17th cent.) and the royal theater (opened 1874) are on Kongens Nytorv. Other landmarks include Amalienborg Square, enclosed by four 18th-century palaces, one of which has been the royal residence since 1794; the citadel (c.1662); the city hall (1894–1905); the round tower, used by the astronomer Tycho Brahe as an observatory; and the Cathedral of Our Lady (c.1209; rebuilt in the early 19th cent.), with sculptures by Albert B. Thorvaldsen. The island of Slotsholmen, with a moat on three sides and the harbor on the fourth, supports an impressive complex of buildings, notably Christiansborg Palace (18th cent.; restored 1916), erected on the site of Archbishop Absalon’s original castle and now housing the Danish parliament, supreme court, and foreign office; the Thorvaldsen Museum (opened 1848); and the stock exchange (17th cent.). On Holmen island in the harbor, opposite the royal residence, is the large modern opera house (opened 2005). Favorite spots in the city include the Tivoli amusement park (opened 1843) and the waterfront Langelinie Promenade, near which is the famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid.
Copenhagen was a trading and fishing center by the early 11th cent. It was fortified (1167) by Archbishop Absalon and was chartered (1254) by the bishop of Roskilde. The city was twice destroyed by the Hanseatic League but successfully resisted (1428) a third attack. Copenhagen replaced Roskilde as the Danish capital in 1443. The city exacted tolls from all ships passing through the Øresund until 1857. Having resisted (1658–59) a Swedish siege, Copenhagen was relieved by the Dutch. In 1660 peace between Denmark and Sweden was negotiated there. The city had expanded considerably in the 16th and 17th cent. as its trade grew, and it continued to develop in the 18th cent. as industries such as textile making and tobacco processing brought added prosperity.
Copenhagen became involved in the war between Napoleonic France and England in the early 19th cent. The news that Denmark, by a secret convention, was about to join Napoleon’s Continental System and to join in the war on England led the British government to decide to send an expeditionary force to seize the Danish fleet, which already had been mauled (1801) in the battle of Copenhagen. When the Danes refused to surrender, the British landed troops in 1807 and severely damaged Copenhagen by bombarding it.
The city recovered quickly after the Napoleonic Wars, and its industrial base grew rapidly in the 19th cent. In World War II, Copenhagen was occupied (1940–45) by the Germans, and its shipyards were bombed by the Allies. The city itself was only slightly damaged, and it retained the charm and design that had resulted in its being called “the Paris of the North.”

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