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Arriving in Johannesburg
Some flights to Johannesburg may be available from other regional airports around the UK. International flights to Johannesburg will arrive at OR Tambo International Airport just outside Johannesburg.
Getting Around Johannesburg
Gautrain operates rail services and some bus routes to nearby districts and travels as far afield as Pretoria and Hatfield.

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Gold Cards are similar to the Oyster cards used by London Underground and can be used to pay for trips on the Gautrain.
Main Attractions
The Mandela House in Soweto was Nelson Mandela’s former residence.
It has been turned into a museum dedicated to Mandela’s life, as well as a center to campaign for human rights.
Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife
Sandton City is a large shopping mall with a variety of South African and international chains, as well as a number of independent shops.

best loved attractions.

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Roxys is one of the city’s best-known clubs, and often fills up with music fans looking for a nightly does of pop or dance music.
Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife
Take advantage of your airfare to Johannesburg and enjoy a night on the town gambling or clubbing.
Taboo, is a local institution where you can dance the night away, or you can enjoy jazz and blues by international artists at the Bassline Club.

best loved attractions.

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Off Season:
Youll find cheaper flights to Johannesburg as well as less tourists.
You can also enjoy diving and surfing during April to September so the best time for your flights to Johannesburg is ultimately decided on what you want to do.
October does host the International Motor Show, a show which is unique to Johannesburg so you’ll have to book your flights earlier to secure the best deals on your flight tickets.
If the dates you want to visit coincide with a special event or festival, make sure to book your flights to Johannesburg as early as you possibly can so you dont end up spending more than you need to on flight tickets.


Johannesburg (jōhăn´Ĭsbörg´, yōhä´nəsbörkh´), city, now part and seat of City of Johannesburg metropolitan municipality, Gauteng prov., NE South Africa, on the southern slopes of the Witwatersrand at an altitude of 5,750 ft (1,753 m). The capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, the center of its important gold-mining industry, its manufacturing and commercial center, and the hub of its transportation network. Gold mining is the sprawling city’s chief industry. Manufactures include cut diamonds, industrial chemicals, plastics, cement, electrical, electronic, and mining equipment, paper, and paper products, glass, food products, and beer. South Africa’s main stock exchange (founded 1887) is in the city.

Johannesburg was founded as a mining settlement in 1886 when gold was found on the Witwatersrand; by 1900 the city had a population of c.100,000. In accordance with apartheid law, racial groups were once restricted to separate residential areas; most blacks still live in Soweto. Formerly a group of townships southwest of the city, Soweto became an independent city in 1983; it is also now in the City of Johannesburg metropolitan municipality.

The Univ. of Johannesburg and the Univ. of the Witwatersrand, as well as other institutions of higher education, are in Johannesburg, and the city is the seat of South Africa’s Constitutional Court and the African Union’s Pan-African Parliament. The city is also home to several museums, an art gallery, a planetarium, a zoo, a bird sanctuary, and numerous parks. Jan Smuts House is in the city.

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