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Cheap Flights to Istanbul-Turkey

Istanbul is the main seaport and financial center of Turkey, but the city is also full of adventure for travelers booking airline tickets to Istanbul. Today, Istanbul is home to almost 15 million people, but for visitors who want to take a step back in time, visit Istanbul Old City and stroll through the historic area. Starting with the Blue Mosque, probably the city best-known landmark, through the bazaars including the Grand Kapali Carsi and spice, and the nearby Istanbul Archaeology Museums, Istanbul is no ordinary city. Your departure location will determine how long your flight to Istanbul will take, with flights from New York City lasting about fifteen to twenty hours, depending upon your layover and travel route. For more details on how to navigate Istanbul’s two international airports, Cheapflights has created handy airport guides for both Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.
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Last Minute Flights to Istanbul turkey

Flying business class has plenty of perks: the main one is that you arrive in Istanbul feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for business. The business class offering is different on every airline, but you can expect more comfortable seating and a more extensive menu. Turkish Airlines and Atlas Global are among the airlines offering direct business class flights from the UK to Istanbul. Other airlines offering business class flights on this route are Ukraine International, Aegean, Swiss, KLM, Emirates, Etihad and British Airways. Under Cabin Class select business class and well show you the best prices.From the Greek colony of Byzantium to the city of Constantinople, Istanbuls history is rich and envelops all who visit this intriguing place.
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flights to Istanbul Turkey today

Airfare to Istanbul lands in Istanbuls Ataturk Airport. Even if you are staying in the airport hotel after your Istanbul flight, youll want to visit the city at some point. Other areas include: The Istanbul Archaeology Museum housing Greek, Roman, and Byzantine artifacts; the Istanbul Modern Museum for a look at contemporary works of art; and Topkapi Palace, once the seat of the Ottoman Empire. Flights to Istanbul will also bring you to modern shops and traditional markets throughout the city. Istanbul is 7 mi from Ataturk Airport .
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Turkey Istanbul Flight Deals

Travel to Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that’s a mixture of ancient and modern. From the Topkapi Palace in the old city to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, there’s something in Istanbul that will appeal to everyone. Let ebookers help you find cheap flights to Istanbul. The website searches multiple airlines for sales and low-cost tickets that will fit your budget.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport is located 15 miles west of the centre of Istanbul. Since opening its doors in 1924, the airport has grown to become the eighth busiest airport in Europe and serves over 37 million passengers each year. Numerous airlines service the airport, including Air France, China Southern Airlines, British Airways and Delta.


İstanbul (Ĭs´tănbōōl´, Ĭstan´bōōl)city capital of İstanbul prov., NW Turkey, on both sides of the Bosporus at its entrance into the Sea of Marmara. Its name was officially changed from Constantinople to İstanbul in 1930; before AD 330 it was known as Byzantium. (For the history of the city, see Byzantium and Constantinople.)  The Modern City One of the great historic cities of the world, İstanbul is the chief city and seaport of Turkey as well as its commercial, industrial, and financial center. Manufactures include textiles, glass, shoes, motor vehicles, ships, and cement. The European part of İstanbul is the terminus of an international rail service (formerly called the Orient Express), and at Haydarpaşa station, on the Asian side, begins the Baghdad Railway. Yeşilköy International Airport is nearby. Always cosmopolitan city, İstanbul has preserved much of its international and polyglot character and contains sizable foreign minorities. The city experienced explosive population growth in the 1970s and 80s (it tripled in size), with the Turkish Muslim majority increasing. The present administrative districts of İstanbul include Fatih and Eminönü on the European side and Kadiköy (ancient Chalcedon) and Üsküdar (Scutari) on the Asian side. Massive efforts have been made to keep up with recent growth by modernizing the city’s infrastructure and municipal services. In 1973 the European and Asian sections of the city were linked by the opening of the Bosporus Bridge, one of the world’s longest (3,524 ft/1,074 m) suspension bridges. This was followed by the Second Bosporus Bridge (3,322 ft/1,012 m), completed in 1988. The first section of new subway system opened in 2000, and rail tunnel under the Bosporus opened in 2013. İstanbul is the seat of İstanbul Univ. (founded 1453 as theological school; completely reorganized 1933), technical university, Univ. of the Bosporus (formerly Robert College), Marmara Univ., Mimar Sinan Univ., and Yildiz Univ. It is the see of the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, of Latin-rite patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church, and of patriarch of the Armenian Church.  Points of Interest The city is visited by many tourists and is popular resort. The environs of İstanbul, particularly the villas, gardens, castles, and small communities along the Bosporus, are famed for their beauty. The part of İstanbul corresponding to historic Constantinople is situated entirely on the European side. It rises on both sides of the Golden Horn, an inlet of the Bosporus, on one of the finest sites of the world, and like Rome is built on seven hills. Several miles of its ancient moated and turreted walls are still standing. Outside the walls and of the Golden Horn are the commercial quarter of Galata, originally Genoese settlement; the quarter of Beyoğlu (formerly Pera), which under the Ottoman sultans was reserved for foreigners and their embassies; and Hasköy, the Jewish quarter. The Golden Horn is crossed by two bridges, the new Galata Bridge (which replaced the famous old Galata Bridge) and the Atatürk Bridge. The former leads into the historic quarter of Stambul, the city’s ancient core, abutting the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara. The quarter of Phanar in the northwest, near the former site of the palace of Blachernae of the Byzantine emperors, contains the see of the Greek Orthodox Church and is inhabited mainly by Greeks. Some palace walls still stand. Excavations on the sites of the former Byzantine palaces have found fine works of art, and İstanbul has many monuments of the Byzantine past. Remains of the imperial residence, the Great Palace, were unearthed in 1998. The chief monument surviving from Byzantine times is the great Hagia SophiaOriginally church, it was converted into mosque after the Ottoman conquest in 1453 and is now museum. The city was destroyed (1509) by an earthquake and was rebuilt by Sultan Beyazid II. Turkish culture reached its height in the 16th cent. and from that period date most of its magnificent mosques, notably those of Beyazid II, Sulayman I, and Ahmed I. They all reflect the influence of the Hagia Sophia—yet are distinctly Turkish—and give the skyline of İstanbul its unique character, succession of perfectly proportioned domes punctuated by minarets. In the gardens by the Bosporus stand the buildings of the Seraglio, the former palace of the Ottoman sultans, now museum. The Seraglio, begun by Muhammad II in 1462, consists of many buildings and kiosks, grouped into three courts, the last of which contained the treasury, the harem, and the private apartments of the ruler. In the 19th cent. the sultans shifted (1853) their residence to the Dolma Bahçe Palace and the Yildiz Kiosk, of Beyoğlu on the Bosporus.
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